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SD Yos Sudarso

Our buildings are filled with children and adults who want to come to school every day. They are engaged in activities that light up their brains, sharpen their critical capacities and develop their consciences.

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SD Yos Sudarso

Kembangkan Bakat dan Minat Anak Anda

Membangun bakat dan minat Anak adalah sesuatu yang sangat penting pada usia Anak-Anak, dengan terbentuknya bakat dan minat anak maka masa depan anak anda akan lebih terarah sehingga bisa menjadi anak yang sukses.

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The excellent teachers have inspired our daughter to set herself goals and achieve. She has loved her time at Greenville. The strong emphasis on moral and character development, has far exceeded our expectations.

Cynthia Jefferson

We are impressed with the strong academic focus as well as the values-centred program the school offers. Greenville really cares about the student as a whole and prepares them for the next step in their lives.

Lisa Dowen

Greenville is the best thing we ever did for our sons. We have been more than pleased with the fantastic education our boys are receiving. The teachers obviously love what they do and know how to bring out the best in their students.

Jennifer Collins

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